If you are looking to outsource SWIFT related services and fully concentrate on your core business CIS is your partner. Our services, solutions and support will help you to reduce costs, simplify operations and achieve higher communication resilience. CIS will provide you with a secure, efficient and simplified connectivity solution.



CIS Service Bureau provides easier, and in the same time more robust, connection to the SWIFT network. Using our Service Bureau services you can simplify SWIFT related operation infrastructure, substantially reducing total cost of software ownership while increasing overall system resilience. Resources within your organization can now be focused on your core business.

Access Connect

This service is optimal for financial institutions planning to fully outsource connectivity to SWIFTNet. While reducing TCO and simplifying SWIFT related infrastructure, your institution will gain in resilience and can utilize many value-added services offered by CIS Service Bureau. With Access Connect, you will operate over CIS owned server, with entire configuration, administration and maintenance performed by CIS team of certified professionals.

Gateway Connect

Gateway Connect service is a hosted service operated by CIS. It allows customers to connect their Alliance Access/Entry software directly to the SWIFT network without the need for the customer to manage its own Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). With implementing Gateway Connect clients reduce TCO, while simultaneously decreasing the level of complexity of the SWIFT infrastructure.


Acks2Mail software sends email notifications of completed SWIFT payments automatically minutes after the acknowledgment of the payment is received from SWIFT. The email message contains subject, body and a PDF-format attachment with the details of a SWIFT message.

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EastNets Solutions

EastNets® is a leading global provider of compliance and payment solutions for the financial services sector. Over the past 35 years, EastNets has established its distinctive expertise developing and implementing standardized and individual solutions for the fight against financial crimes, as well as those for risk management, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support. More...

CSV2mt199 conversion for Tracker


Supporting Universal Confirmations initiative, CiS developed tool for conversion of Batch confirmations (simple end-of-day export file in CSV format from payment application) to MT199. More...

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With over 25 years of consulting and support experience in the field of SWIFT services, numerous satisfied customers, our highly skilled consultants can assist you with a broad range of requests.


Support and system maintenance are services most frequently used by our clients. In order to provide timely support of the clients’ needs, CIS operates Help Desk service. The Help Desk is available for all users of the support and system maintenance service. The role of the Help Desk is to record, solve, escalate and follow-up resolution of all reported problems or incidents. The Help Desk services are available 24/7.

SWIFT Business Partner

Since 2004, CIS has been selected to act as a SWIFT Business Partner for the Balkan Region, on the basis of its previously-developed strong customer basis. In this role, CIS performs the activities related to the promotion and re-marketing of SWIFT products and services.

Upgrades and migrations of Alliance interfaces

CIS has worked on over one hundred Alliance-based SWIFT messaging systems. We can offer customization, regular upgrade and migrations of SWIFT messaging system that meets the needs of every customer. Our services apply both to Windows and UNIX platforms.

Implementation of SWIFTNet connectivity solutions

Our certified specialists have provided support in number of cases when a complex connectivity solution was needed. This includes situations where a site needs to have more than one connection to SWIFT network, either for backup purposes, or because there is a need to balance services across different network connection.

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About us

Connecting clients to financial networks since 2004

CIS doo Novi Sad is a registered and approved provider of SWIFT Service Bureau as of 2004, and holds the Bureau licence which is presented on the SWIFT site - SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Programme (SIP). It also holds ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certificates, issued by TUV, Austria.

CIS has been developing its business across different markets, most of them in the Balkans but also in certain countries of Central and South East Europe. At present, the Service Bureau operates in 14 countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

CIS Service Bureau has started its operations in 2004 and since then it continually holds SWIFT certificate on compliance with the policies and rules for the provision of these services (at present, SWIFT SIP Release 2020).

CIS Service Bureau has two operational centers operating in two different countries and over two different network providers.

Our team of certified SWIFT Alliance professionals is constantly monitoring Service Bureau operations.  Maintenance and project management is performed by our highly experienced and qualified team of consultants.


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